6740-B Avery-Muirfield Dr.
Dublin, OH 43017

MTB was founded April 15, 1983 by Sun Television and Appliances co-founder Macy T. Block. After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II in the 46th Signal Heavy Construction Battalion, Macy Block, a decorated veteran with two Bronze Stars, returned to Ohio. In 1949, he joined with his brother Herbert to help usher central Ohio into the TV age, starting the first Sun TV store in Downtown Columbus.

He resigned from Sun’s board in 1998, focusing his attention on the commercial real-estate company he had established, MTB Development. After his passing in 2015, the company continues to follow the policies and direction Macy Block used to make the comapny successful for over three decades.

With lands in Madison and Delaware Counties in central Ohio, along with Eagleton Retail Center in London, Ohio, MTB Development continues to develop successful businesses in communities with their real estate in key strategic locations.